Natural Gas Vehicles

A Natural Fit with the ACE Difference

Safety: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the safest transport fuels available
Natural gas is lighter-than-air, easily detectable, nontoxic and disperses quickly. It's has a higher ignition temperature than gasoline or diesel fuel which reduces the chances of accidental ignition. Waterway pollution and fire risk is reduced because CNG does not pool on the ground like liquid fuels.

Service: ACE customers expect us to innovate
Natural gas vehicles burn cleaner than conventional gasoline or diesel due to its lower carbon content.  We believe, over the long-term,  the switch will help ACE contain costs and provide a better value to our customers.  On average, natural gas vehicles are 10 decibels quieter than a comparable diesel engine.

Responsibility:  Numerous studies have shown North America has at least a 120-year supply of natural gas.
“Over our 55 year history, we have used gasoline, propane, diesel and now natural gas. We see it as the natural progression and the future of fuel,” said ACE Solid Waste manager, Andy Schweizer, “We call it the American Fuel. Not only is natural gas more economical, it burns cleaner with low emissions, and is domestically produced.  Let’s be honest, let’s be true, it’s more than green, it’s about red, white, and blue.”

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