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You may have been hearing some rumblings in your community about "organized collection".  This is a scheme where your local unit of government steps in the middle of the long-standing service relationship we have developed with our customers over many, many years.  

The history, in most of the ACE service area has been the "subscription" model.  Under the subscription system, residents have the freedom to choose a garbage and recycling service provider that best fits their needs. These needs could include price, service offering, type of company or driver attitude.  It's a market driven, competitive system that fosters innovation, allows small business to grow and provides a tremendous overall value to the consumer.  ACE, since 1955, has grown under this system and made significant monetary investments to support the community, customers, the company and employees.  The relationships we have developed with customers have value.

Unfortunately, some people in government believe it would be better if they managed this service for you.  They refuse to recognize the value of our relationship and residents desire to maintain their choice in a competitive market.  The claimed benefits of a government run scheme will never out-weigh the current subscription system where individual choice and the ability to switch service providers, without government restrictions, drives value.

We appreciate your support of ACE, small business and a dynamic competitive market for garbage and recycling services.  

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thanks to you, Mike and Andy for taking time out of your busy schedules to give me a tour of your plant. The economic impact that the free enterprise system brings to our communities is remarkable. Keep up the great work!!!
City Council Member - Jeff 

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