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CardboardPlus Recycling

Our Cardboard plus paper recycling program allows customers to maximize office waste recycling with little effort. Recycling cans, glass and plastics are kept separate from the cardboard to maximize the value of these products. Ask us for a waste audit so we can provide solutions to your needs. 

Acceptable Items: Unacceptable Items:

  • Cardboard Waxed Cardboard
  • Card stock Dirty and Wet Cardboard
  • Computer printouts Scrap Metal of any kind
  • Envelopes Bathroom Waste Paper
  • File folders Carbon Paper
  • Newspaper Styrofoam & packing peanuts
  • Office paper Photographs/transparencies
  • Writing tablets Books

Document Destruction

Confidential Document Destruction (CDD) Carts are Roll-out Carts with features specifically designed to aid the collection and secure storage of documents destined for destruction.  

CardboardPlus Single Stream Recycling is now available in limited areas.

Thanks to CardboardPlus with Single Stream recycling from ACE, you can say goodbye to sorting your recyclables at your workplace. Now, all the recyclable materials can be placed into one recycling container just like your recycling service at your home!

ALWAYS PLACE ACCEPTABLE RECYCLING LOOSE IN YOUR CONTAINER OR IN BROWN PAPER BAGS. The right thing to do is put correct recyclables in the cart and don't hope or wish they can magically be recycled. The recycle container may not be collected and/or additional fees will apply if in plastic bags or there are unacceptable items.


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Document Destruction

Cardboard Plus Recycling