Food Waste Plus Organics Recycling service now available.

Many of our participating restaurants have reduced their trash by up to 90 percent, and sometimes more with our new food waste / recycling program. 

Material Accepted: 

All Food Scraps: including fruit & vegetable trimmings, meat, poultry, bones, seafood, shellfish, beans, pasta, breads, dairy, nuts and shells, eggs and eggshells, coffee and tea grounds and filters, and all other organic residue generated by the handling, storage, sale, preparation, cooking and serving of foods.

• Food Soiled Paper Products: including paper cups, plates, napkins, waxed paper, waxed cardboard cartons, cardboard drums, pizza boxes, soda boxes, food soiled cardboard and soiled hand towels.

• Approved Compostable Products: including compostable flatware and food service containers approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)