Recycling Services - Twin Cities

Thanks to Simple Sort recycling from ACE, you can say goodbye to sorting your recyclables. Now, all the acceptable recyclable materials (please see list below) can be placed into one recycling cart that is collected every other week. Similar to a standard garbage container, the wheeled cart features a grey lid and labeling to indicate that it's for recyclables only. Making it easier to recycle means more material gets recycled, in some cases, as much as 30 percent to 40 percent more. And that's good for the environment and for all of us. 

Plus, you are automatically entered into the Recycle Cash Program. Simply getting caught by our recycle referee with a full cart of recyclables makes you an instant winner of a $100 Visa gift card!  It's the ACE difference.

ACE provides curbside automated collection service using special trucks with an automated arm that lifts the recycling cart and empties it into the truck. Please have recycle cart at the street by 6:30 a.m. on collection day to ensure collection.

The right thing to do is put correct recyclables in the cart and don't hope or wish they can magically be recycled. The recycle cart may not be collected and/or additional fees will apply if in plastic bags or there are unacceptable items. Click Recycle Right to print and view acceptable curbside recycling items. 

Recycling Schedule

ACE follows a red week and black week recycle schedule.

Not sure if you're in the red week or black week service area? Contact us and we'll let you know.

2019 Schedule for Red Week 2019 Schedule for Black Week

Recycle It

Trash It

  • Newspaper and Newspaper Inserts
  • Magazines and Catalogs
  • Junk Mail and Envelopes
  • Office and School Papers (colored paper too)
  • Cardboard - 3ft. by 3ft. bundled 
  • Boxboard (cereal, cake, cookie & cracker boxes) 
  • Phone Books
  • Brown Paper Bags 
  • Plastic Bottles, Containers, Tubs, Lids & Caps 
  • Paper Cartons  (juice, milk, soup, broth) 
  • Glass Jars and Bottles 
  • Tin and Steel Cans 
  • Aluminum Cans 
Do not place recyclables in plastic bags  
  • Plastic Bags and Wrap 
  • Food Waste 
  • Pizza Boxes 
  • Egg Cartons
  • Ice Cream Cartons 
  • Aluminum Foil 
  • Plastic Cups & Silverware 
  • Foam Cups & Containers 
  • Aerosol Cans 
  • No food tainted items such as used paper plates, napkins & paper towels 
  • Styrofoam packaging material
  • Plastic toys
  • Garden hoses
  • Flower pots
  • Wrapping paper


Communities Available

Andover Coon Rapids Oak Grove
Baldwin-Township East Bethel Princeton
Becker-City Hugo Santiago
Becker-Township Isanti St. Francis
Bethel Lexington Wyoming
Big Lake-Township Lino Lakes Zimmerman
Big Lake-City Linwood
Columbus Nowthen

Ace Sideload In Action

If your city is not on this list, we do not provide the recycling service in that city. contact your city for the recycling contractor information.