E-Z Bag - The Portable Dumpster Bag by ACE

MN Yard Waste Dumpster Bag The E-Z bag is another waste removal option for small remodeling jobs to  basement clean-ups. Big enough to hold 4-5 ACE trash carts of debris. Please note that the actual bags have already lived one life handling industrial plastic pellets, and now re-purposed as an EZ bag.

To get started, simply complete the EZ bag request form and we will contact  you with pricing information, delivery schedule and answer any further questions.

Approximate Load Capacity: 1.5 cubic yards or 2000 lbs.

Prohibited Materials: Appliances, Batteries, Drums, Paints, Solvents, Asbestos, Yard waste, Hazardous waste, TV'S, CRT's, and Tires.

E-Z bag Agreement - Print  Agreement                                    The E-Z bag must be on the ground and street side for removal.