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ACE is proud to be a part of Champlin Refuse Inc.

The City of Champlin has an organized refuse collection system consisting of five collection companies assigned to specific areas within the City. The collection service is provided to all single family and multiple dwellings of four units or less. The Finance Department bills the residents for collection services in conjunction with the billing for water and sewer services. The City pays Hennepin County for the solid waste disposal fees and the haulers for collection of refuse and recycling materials.

Please contact the Utility Billing Department to find out who your garbage/recycling hauler is, to add service and to make service changes at 763-421-8100  763-421-8100.

ACE provides weekly trash collection, every-other week recycle collection and on call yard waste service for our customers in Champlin. You may also contact us at any time to request the removal of a large and bulky item, an EZ Bag, or a construction dumpster.   

Collection day is Friday


Curbside Garbage Service

To meet the needs and size of your family, we offer three different container sizes, 38, 65 and 96 gallons. While the 96 gallon is the most popular, smaller family's of four will find the 65 gallon the perfect size for weekly service. The garbage container is provided for you while using the service and remains the property of ACE Solid Waste. 

ACE provides curbside automated collection service using special trucks that have an automated arm. The driver of the truck uses the arm to lift the garbage container and empties it in the truck. To ensure service, we ask that you have the garbage container at the street by 6:30 a.m. on collection day. Although bagging your garbage is not required, we suggest doing so to help avoid litter in your neighborhood.

Curbside recycling

With Simple Sort recycling, all the recyclable material is placed into one recycling cart (grey lid) that is collected every other week. ACE provides curbside automated collection service using special trucks with an automated arm that lifts the recycling cart and empties it into the truck. Please have recycle container at the street by 6:30 a.m. on collection day to ensure collection. 

ALWAYS PLACE ACCEPTABLE RECYCLING LOOSE IN YOUR CART OR IN BROWN PAPER BAGS. The right thing to do is put correct recyclables in the cart and don't hope or wish they can magically be recycled. The recycle cart may not be collected and/or additional fees will apply if in plastic bags or there are unacceptable items. Click Recycle Right to print and view acceptable curbside recycle items. 


ACE provides on-call weekly yard waste pick-up service. Stickers for bags are available for purchase from the City or prepayment for bags can be made directly to ACE . Yard waste must be placed in compostable bags. Acceptable yard waste includes grass, leaves, brush/branches less than 6 inch diameter, and garden waste, including pumpkins. 

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Not sure if you're in the red week or black week recycle service area? Please contact us and we'll let you know.
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It's not always about price for me...I look for dependability and quality service and ACE does a fantastic job! 
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 Thanks for providing good people, service & clean trucks.    A+ for ACE!! 

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